Our company was founded in 1982 as a producer of liquid feed computerised plants for pig-breeding. The typology of Italian farms is medium-sized: 500 sows closed cycle or 5000 fat pigs. The demand for high level technology, quality and reliability has therefore brought us to design more innovative systems compared with the rest of the world. We were the first to present:

Multiphase system with continuos-cycle and distribution double tank (1989)
Variator to control the distribution pump (1993)
Ball valves (1982) and stainless steel plug valves (1996)
Dialogue and control peripheral units by means of optical fibres (Mercurio 1997)
System centralised control: fodder storage, sewage recirculation, alarms, ventilation

Since 1998 we have been applying the multi-phase logic to computerised dry-feed systems, both in the reproduction (delivery and gestation) and the weaning / fattening sectors.
In 1990 we started the production of conditioning control systems.
We design and produce a whole range of user-friendly control units which are quite unique in the logic they use (we call it "derivative over time") and successfully applicable to any ventilation system for pigs, poultry and rabbits.
In 1988 we patented a power-inverter system designed for all ventilators used in zootechny and suitable for any kind of control unit with the same result: a 50% energy saving and a longer life of motors.
We have been MIK's dealers in Italy since 1999 - a German company leader in grids and animal comfort technologies - and have designed for them the first mobile ground-balance which can be connected with the feed computerised system.
We are constantly looking for partners, both in Italy and abroad, aiming at the same target as us: to promote quality and innovation in zootechny.